I love solving problems beautifully and creatively.

I’m a web and graphic designer with a passion for creating great products. Some of my best work is below.

Memphis Ultimate Disc Association

Spinning a local sports league into a wearable identity

I’ve been playing with the Memphis Ultimate Disc Association (MUDA) for over 15 years. So, as a player and member of this community, I jumped at the opportunity when this beautiful group of circular plastic-chasers approached me to take on their brand identity design work.

“Grape Jelly,” shown above, is one of eight MUDA Summer League teams sporting the octogram-based insignia. They beat my Green team, “Wildfire,” on the night of my writing this. 😒

The concept and shape of the iconic Memphis Bridge are foundational to the identity system. This and the following two images are from the rationale presentation I made to sell the big idea.

Historically, the league had utilized a squid as a symbol for the group. I noticed if the bridge was duplicated and rotated eight times, it created an intricate cephalopod-like shape.

Enclosing that shape in a circle felt right for a frisbee league. The star or “octogram” in the middle provided a unique graphic twist—paying tribute to the stars on the Tennessee state flag.

Ultimately, after working through typography, color, and graphic element creation, I provided a set of standards and usage rules in document form. You can download it here.

Digital Key

Unlocking potential with an iconic app

One of the cooler things that I’ve gotten to be part of at Hilton is the creation of graphic and interface assets for things like the Hilton Honors App.

I created an icon set that included an image that became the main graphic for the launch and use of digital key— a part of the Hilton Honors app that smartly turns your mobile device into a room key.

Knowing my work is representative of something thousands of customers have a positive association with is cool. As we tested and launched the product, there were many celebrations, and t-shirts were made as well!

Obsessive Type Workshop

A design team-building event where the thing that’s made are friendships

Obsessive Type was an afternoon typography-themed workshop I coordinated as an outing for designers in Hilton’s User Experience Group. The Stefan Sagmeister quote, “Obsessions make my life worse, but my work better” inspires the concept behind event.

Photo: Ryan Rhea

This workshop was one of a few our group enjoyed covering design-friendly topics like typography and printmaking, tools and photography.

“Obsessions make my life worse and my work better.”
— Stefan Sagmeister

It’s always nice to have an opportunity to flex my headline writing and advertising muscles. These posters promote the event with a little inside typography humor.

Workshop space and “L” woodcut photo: instagram.com/luistoro

The day began with a conversation over a short slide presentation and ended by producing these letter-based wood block prints.

About me
Hi! I’m Carl Fox—an award-winning graphic designer living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. I currently work for the User Experience group at Hilton where my focus lies in creating digital experiences that inspire people to book our world-class hospitality and travel offerings.

When I’m not being creative, I’m hanging out with my wife, three awesome kids, and my wee pup, Frankie. You can also find me after hours at Shelby Farms painting landscapes or dropping dimes playing the emergent game of Goaltimate.

I truly love the practice and process of design, no matter the form, need, shape or function. If you have a need, I’d love to connect. Cheers!


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