Last Saturday, against the odds of any beautiful weather showing up, I was determined to paint. I sat in the rain at Shelby Farms trying to get my under tempera paint to stick and felt like I just had to watch as it melted away.

I gritted my teeth and cut into the canvas with oil paint, in an attempt to push the water off my canvas with the incompatibility of oil and water. After seeing the rain let up, I mixed another layer of tempera into my soggy, oil-splotched canvas.

I finally had a good working surface, but had less than an hour set aside to make something good.

Here’s what I ended up with.

The view looking southwest from just northwest of Walnut Grove and Farm Roads.

While I’m not crazy about the gratuitous texture, I am pleased with the atmospheric perspective I’m starting to find in my work. I knew it wasn’t a particularly beautiful day, and I’m pleased with the fact that my painting tells that tale.