Memphis Ultimate Disc Association Branding & Visual Design System A local sports league spun into a wearable identity I've been playing with the Memphis Ultimate Disc Association (MUDA) for over 15 years. So, as a player and member of this community, I jumped at the opportunity when this beautiful group of circular plastic-chasers approached me [...]

Migraine Paintings

I’ve been doing these quick little pastel drawings when I’ve not have time to really even think. In looking back on them, the colors seem to really mirror the colors I have been seeing during my recent migraines. So I guess that’s what they’ll I’ll call them – migraine paintings!      

Tall buildings

Two themes I love and that seem to crop up as I generate art: gardens and cities. Here’s a city sketch I drew while doodling at my mother-in-law’s breakfast room table.

Clark Tower in the Morning

I stopped off in the Target parking lot on the way to work to try out some new colored pencils. I love that huge flag on top of Clark Tower.

Ambiance Study at Shelby Farms

In a quest to blend colors and to capture a more etherial feeling, I’ve gone back to oils. I didn’t have a ton of time to commit to this one, but do like the general feeling and ethos it conveys.

A Fair Thistle

A Fair Thistle Last week, I had the privilege to go to Glasgow on business. It was a short trip, Saturday to Friday but jam-packed with experiences and images that I just have not been able to get past. Painting is definitely a way I decompress from those kinds of super-rich things, so I took … Read More


Greenies This summer, as I have the past 15 summers, I played summer league ultimate frisbee in Memphis. There was this certain moment between halves where a group of my teammates, in sync, all just stopped what they were doing, went into some sort of stasis and looked off into a beautiful pink and purple … Read More

Hot Evening at Shelby Farms

Hot Evening at Shelby Farms The sun has been so hot lately, it’s been almost unbearable. But I still went out and painted after work. I wanted to try a few things out, and should have left my socks on because my flip flop feet got so hot I thought the tops of them were … Read More

Mountain Wildflowers from the Farm at Windy Hill

In college, I spent some time on Lookout Mountain, Alabama working as a counselor at Alpine Camp for Boys. Ok, maybe I spent a little more time than I should have (a cumulative total of close to one year of my life), or maybe not. But I remember sitting in an office building the first … Read More