Art. Collaboration. Sketching. Branding. Strategy. Tactic. Experience. Web. Mobile. Print. Environment. Thinking. Painting. Writing. Exploring. Making. Presenting. Digital. Graphic. Design.

There’s something about the way some colors play together, the grace of forms in a typeface, the relationship of shapes to each other, that can be so beautiful. I believe the worlds of art and design go hand in hand and my work is a reflection of that belief. Whether I’m developing a new brand, sketching on city streets, or working through the challenges of crafting delightful user experiences, I strive to strike that balance.

When I’m not being creative, I’m hanging out with my smoking-hot wife, my three awesome kids, and my wee pup, Frankie. You can find me at Shelby Farms painting landscapes or at the office hiding from people under my desk.

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