RC Airstrip at Shelby Farms

January 11, 2015

Radio Control Airstrip at Shelby Farms
Yesterday was a cool 34 degrees outside at Shelby Farms. When I got out to paint, I realized I had forgotten my canvas, (doh!) so I had to run to Wal-Mart to grab one. Something about either the cheap canvas, or the temperature at which I toned and gessoed it caused it to majorly crack once I started painting, but I powered on anyway.

I painted in futility for like two hours, with very poor results. Then at about 4:00, the light got good, I got frustrated enough to do some bold things (because I had to wrap up) and this is the end result.

Things I like:
-the blobby, abstract, hurried feel of the marks.
-the color on the ground

Things I don’t like:
-the lack of real distinct form and overall drama
-the color of the sky feels a bit canned and unfinished

It was great to finally get out and get some sun. It’s been a dull gray last few weeks for sure.