We just got back from a short Spring Break in the Smoky Mountains. This is the view off our balcony looking south toward The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The sun lit the valley in a beautiful way.

Smokys off the Balcony


  • Carl, I agree with Lucy. I love seeing the work you post. Hope you saw my recent email. I had sadly missed your Facebook message about the loss of your wonderful grandmother. So happy thinking of her finally being reunited with your grandfather. Please continue to post these special works We don’t get to see in person.

  • Thank you Lucy!

    And Dick, sorry I’m just now getting this.. We’ve been on spring break this week and I’ve been meaning to get back with you…

    Thanks for your message about my grandmother. We miss her, but are glad she’s in a better place.

    Glad you are enjoying the paintings. I’d love to get up your way to paint and see y’all.


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