Memphis Ultimate

Memphis Ultimate Disc Association Branding & Visual Design System A local sports league spun into a wearable identity I've been playing with the Memphis Ultimate Disc Association (MUDA) for over 15 years. So, as a player and member of this community, I jumped at the opportunity when this beautiful group of circular plastic-chasers approached me [...]

Flowers in the Rain

Flowers in the Rain August 16, 2017 I painted flowers at Home Depot in the late summer rain today during lunch. Besides my paint and paper getting super soggy, it was a refreshing break from my day job in the digital design world.

Landscape Materials Test

Landscape Materials Test August 13, 2017 Sometimes my materials tests and practice paintings are better than my plein air paintings.

Summer Evening Soccer

Summer Evening Soccer Practice August 13, 2017 Claude had practice tonight at St. Louis School in the rain. No worries. I was safely in the car painting.

Daylite Saving Shelby Farm

Daylight Savings at Shelby Farms February 17, 2017 Tonight was one of those ridiculously beautiful late winter evenings where around 5:00, everything got that golden atmospheric glow. Spring and daylight are coming!

RC Airstrip at Shelby Farms

RC Airstrip at Shelby Farms January 11, 2015 Yesterday was a cool 34 degrees outside at Shelby Farms. When I got out to paint, I realized I had forgotten my canvas, (doh!) so I had to run to Wal-Mart to grab one. Something about either the cheap canvas, or the temperature at which I toned [...]

Hardy Farm from the West

Western View from the Hardy Farm July 23, 2014 View to the west from the Hardy Farm outside Columbus, Mississippi. Tempera and watercolor on sketchbook paper.

Back of Halliburton Tower

Backside of Halliburton Tower at Rhodes College Summer 2014 A quick little 8x10" sketch. Oil on canvas.