University of Glasgow Tower

I’m in Glasgow, Scotland for work and in order to fight my jet lag after arriving at 7:00AM this morning, I hit the town to go paint. I headed up to the University of Glasgow area and Kelvingrove Park.

I set up on a bridge over the River Kelvin, and after I realized TSA took my palette knife out of my luggage, (I guess understandably) I got over it and got to painting.

This one was a little different than normal. I painted the University of Glasgow tower in gouache, because the tubes were smaller and lighter then my oils, making them easier to pack. But a ton harder to paint with. I am out of gouache practice.

It was an overcast day most of the day with occasional blue sky peeking through until right at the very end when all the clouds moved out and the sun came out and blue sky busted through. TAPS AFF!

8×10″ gouache on gesso panel.