I’ve just wrapped up this big commission (62″x30″) for some dear friends of ours. I basically painted the whole thing in plein air, on the corner of Main and Peabody Place in 5 consecutive Saturday mornings. It was truly a treat to get to be out in the crisp fall air, painting and occasionally chatting with tourists, locals and freaks alike.

Here’s my main man, Claude with the finished piece.

One of my favorite memories of working on the piece, that actually ended up influencing the work, happened when I was at about the 95% complete. I had wrestled pretty much the whole time with the scene feeling desolate and a little too sparse. And at the last moment, on my last outing, I looked down South Main and there were hundreds of people at the far end of the street milling about at the River Arts Festival.

I hit a stride, fed off of that energy, frantically started slapping paint around and it lead to this little painting within the painting just under the Orpheum Marquee.

Here’s a detail of the section.

I’m going to let the overall piece be original to my patron’s family room. But if you’d like to purchase a print of the Festival on South Main you can do so here.